magic wall horizontal



32.80 € escl. vat.
wall pinboard magic wall horizontal
unlimited ways of arrangements at one place is what you're looking for? with the pinboard magic wall you are on the beam. choose the place where to mount the aluminium panel on the wall. mount it easily with the supplied spacer kit. and now combine the manifold accessories of the magic-line to the top of your bent. quick and easy attached you can build information boards, brochure or magazine racks, cd shelves, magnet boards, product displays with acrylic or metal trays but also handy combinations for office or home. the modular system magic wall: there is no limit to your creative powers.
material: anodized aluminium, incl. mounting kit. accessories not included.
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article number product name S.U. single price   quantity  
MW170460H magic wall 170x460 orizzontale pc 32.80 € escl. vat.  
MW170910H 170x910mm horizontal pc 61.40 € escl. vat.  
MW1701360H 170x1360mm horizontal pc 83.30 € escl. vat.  

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