108.00 € escl. vat.
large format poster display for the wall: up to six double side poster pockets made of transparent acrylic can be attached to the clever wall support. maxilibro has 2 pivot points, thus the posters are always in a correct angle to each other. all materials are made of silver anodized aluminium and transparent acrylic. you can customize the wall support with a print in A5 thanks to the integrated pixquick support. all poster pockets can be easily attached and exchanged without any tools anytime.
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MLB700500 poster pocket 700x500 pc 108.00 € escl. vat.  
MLB1000700 poster pocket 1000x700mm pc 169.60 € escl. vat.  
MLS1050140 wall support for 1000x700 pc 323.60 € escl. vat.  
MLS750140 wall support for 700x500 pc 338.00 € escl. vat.  
MLF1000700 maxilibro 1000x700 floor pc 1,350.00 € escl. vat.