glass mag



186.30 € escl. vat.
glass mag
glass mag combines in a modern and trendy way glass and metal. the poster pockets with magnetic fastener are already mounted on the rear side of the glass. you can customize the tempered glass also with print. glass mag stands safely on its anthracite powder coated metal base. the passe-partout for your information is silver grey. we provide you with glass mag in different sizes and configurations.
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GMG1400355A4H 1400x355mm A4H pc 186.30 € escl. vat.  
GMG1400355A4V 1400x355mm A4V pc 186.30 € escl. vat.  
GMG1400355A3V 1400x355mm A3V pc 200.40 € escl. vat.  
GMG14003552A4H 1400x355mm 2xA4H pc 211.90 € escl. vat.  
GMG1700425A3V 1700x425mm A3V pc 213.60 € escl. vat.  
GMG17004252A4H 1700x425mm 2xA4H pc 225.10 € escl. vat.  
GMG17004252A4V 1700x425mm 2xA4V pc 225.10 € escl. vat.  
GMG17004253A4H 1700x425mm 3xA4H pc 250.70 € escl. vat.