crowd control systems

from the classic and elegant solution with cord for hotels, museums or events, to the modern and practical one with webbing for airports, banks or shopping centres: here you can find the perfect structure to set up a mobile crowd control systems. thanks to our stopper solution, you can guide people in a safe and structured way and keep them away from not accessible areas. in short, you show them where to go.
barrier post with webbing stopper point

stopper point

from 115.50 € escl. vat. show it
floor display stopinfo soistes

stopinfo soistes

from 201.60 € escl. vat. show it
double sided floor standing display ipoint

ipoint totem

from 372.40 € escl. vat. show it
floor standing display for in- and outdoor soistes pylo

soistes pylo

from 518.70 € escl. vat. show it
configurator stopper

configurator stopper

stopper antipanic adapter

stopper antipanic adapter

from 9.60 € escl. vat. show it
wallclip stopper tex chrome-plated

tex wallclip chrome

from 13.00 € escl. vat. show it
stopper wallclip

stopper wallclip

from 13.80 € escl. vat. show it
connectors for the floor standing display ipoint connector set

ipoint connector set

from 14.10 € escl. vat. show it